“163 Households benefit from New Bay Pauk Village”

“163 Households benefit from New Bay Pauk Village”
December 22, 2017 Fame Asian

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“163 Households benefit from New Bay Pauk Village”
BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

Wilmar Myanmar Port Terminals (Thilawa) Limited is engaged in the construction of a modern multi-purpose international wharf and associated utility buildings in the Thilawa Port Area, Kyauktan Township, Yangon Region. The project has the approval of the Myanmar Investment Committee and operates on a long-term land lease (Leased Land) from the Myanmar Port Authority (MPA), Ministry of Transportation and Communication. At present, the
construction of the wharf and buildings is underway.


BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

Voluntary Resettlement & Compensation

Although it was the contractual obligation of the MPA to deliver the Leased Land to Wilmar Myanmar Port Terminals (Thilawa) Limited with vacant possession, there were squatters (i.e. illegal residents) and nine trespassing farmers
who were cultivating paddy on the Leased Land at the time of execution of the lease. As a matter of goodwill, In November 2014, Wilmar Port Ltd. arranged for their voluntary resettlement as well as those of the same village (Bay
Pauk Village) occupying land adjacent to the Leased Land owned by the MPA. This consisted of 163 trespassing residential huts, of which 91 households were located on the Leased Land and the remaining 72 were occupying the land
adjacent to the Leased Land.

BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

The terms of resettlement were negotiated and agreed upon between MPA and the farmers/villagers. The latter chose to relocate to the Myaingtharyar (6) Nyaung Wine Village Circle, Kyauktan Township in the Yangon Region. Wilmar
Port Ltd. acquired farm land there and obtained the necessary permits to build a new village. And also provided compensation to the farmers for the relinquishing of land and cultivated crops, as well as financial assistance to the


BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

Systematic Relocation Process

The new village contains plots for residential purposes as well as housing with access to electricity and clean water as per the negotiated agreement with all villagers.

The land was divided into 163 plots measuring 40၊ x 50၊ for each residential household. Houses of 16၊ x 20၊ were built with corrugated iron roof, wooden wall, wooden floor with concrete post shoe, latrine septic tank, electricity, fences
and water pump.


BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

A 6.6/0.4 KV electric power station and a new separate 200 KVA transformer were installed to service the new village.

The community’s social needs were not neglected. In addition to the necessary infrastructure, a freshwater lake, built a dispensary and a Damayone (religious building).

On 12 February 2016, the relocation was carried out systematically using transportation vehicles. Wilmar Port Ltd. hired for the villagers and under the supervision of the Members of the Village Resettlement and Negotiation
Supervision Committee (Township Level).


BAY PAUK old Village, located in Plot No.20-21 & 22

Improved Living Standard & Jobs Creation

Today 163 households (equivalent to about 560 individuals) have turned their lives around, from being illegal trespassers to legal home owners in the new village. Their living conditions have without a doubt improved immensely with
access to basic amenities such as clean water, electricity and sanitation. Please refer to the photos of old and new Bay Pauk Village.


CLINIC at New Village

The construction of the multi-purpose international wharf in the Thilawa Port Area has created employment opportunities for the local community. When completed, Wilma Port Ltd. will continue to make operational positions at the
wharf available to the locals.


Damayone (religious building) at New Village

“We believe that we should share the benefits of our success with the communities in which we operate. As an investor in Myanmar, it is our aim to contribute not only economically but also socially so that we grow in tandem with the local community” said spoke person of Wilmar Port Ltd.


HOUSE at New Village

25659684_1639225172788108_2580811156340094883_n (1)

HOUSE at New Village




ROAD and POWER SUPPLY at New Village

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